The Team


CEO and Founder of Dynamic Realities

Position: CEO and founder of Dynamic Realities
Name: Mads F. S.
Age: 21
Occupation: Studying Computer Science
Nationality: Denmark

Short about this member:

This is the founder and CEO of Dynamic Realities. During the day he studies Computer Science at the Academy and is currently unemployed otherwise. He has a love for games, and have been playing games on electronic systems since he was 4 years old with Windows 3.1. He wants to make a living out of making computer games, which have thoughtful design, and are fun to play. This company should let him achieve just that.


Position: Story Writer
Name: Bjorn
Age: 22
Occupation: Masters Student
Nationality: Canada

Short about this member:

Vintage have always enjoyed all aspects of computers – graphics, programming, and hardware. One of his biggest hobbies is electronics repair and construction, especially vintage computers (pre ’90s) restoration, as well as other vintage electronics (tube radios, R2R tape decks, etc). He is currently studying for his masters in chemistry.

Steve Whyte

Position: Music Composer
Name: Steve Whyte
Age: 23
Occupation: Freelance Composer / Guitar Tutor
Nationality: England


Short about this member:

Steve is a freelance musician who has been composing and performing music from a very early age. He plays and teaches guitar for a living while developing his interests in composing for media in his spare time. Steve plays guitar in the band Vanilla Gorillaz who are signed to longevity records, Manchester. Steve graduated from Leeds College of Music in 2010 with a Degree in Popular Music. His work has recently been licensed to Citroen for a digi magazine featuring the new C-Zero electric car.


F4celessPosition: 2D Artist
Name: Ole
Age: 20
Occupation: IT Intern
Nationality: Norway

Short about this member:

F4celess has been drawing since he could grasp a pencil. After years of doodling on his school papers he grabbed Photoshop and a graphic tablet and stuck with it for the past 4 years. He is the kind of person who has the random ideas if he thinks he can help with something, he’ll make sure he does.


Lukas Miguel

Position: 3D Artist/Character Artist
Lukas Miguel
Age: 27
Occupation: Tour Guide
Nationality: England

Short about this member:

He is a recent graduate in Computer Visualisation and Animation, a fanatic gamer at heart now looking to unleash his creativity and ideas into the gaming industry.


Chris Kukla

Sound Engineer
Chris Kukla
Age: 22
Occupation: Sound Designer
Nationality: American

Short about this member:
Chris Kukla has been creating sound and music since he was a child. After earning his bachelors degree in music composition, he continues to do so today. Along with composing sound and music for various media projects, Chris lives at a music venue dedicated to showcasing the local music of Chicago. In his free time, he enjoys running, reading, and craft beer.


Jeff Zach

Position: Level Designer
Jeff Zach
Age: 24
Occupation: Unemployed
Nationality: Indian

Short about ths member:

Was a dota addict and a semi pro. Very enthusiastic about game development. Been digging into every aspect of game development for the past 2 years.


Stuart Jackson

stuart_avatarPosition: Animator
Name: Stuart Jackson
Age: 22
Occupation: Studying BA (Hons) Creative Media
Nationality: United Kingdom


Short about this member:

Stuart has six years training in the media and entertainment field including, film production, animation, digital art, 3D modelling, photography and other such relations through higher education. With a past of creating music videos and a passion for gaming he wants to bring all his visual skills and creativity into the gaming market and has a vision and keen eye for making great games.

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