We now have a forum over at our new domain:

For now it redirects you to the forum, but in the future it’ll be better and replace this blog entirely. Please join us in making a great community!

The forums will act as our gateway to you guys. All major announcements will be posted over at Facebook and Twitter still if you don’t want to be part of the forums. We still encourage you to join though. All of the public parts of the forums can be read without having an account.

– Vipar

The Mountain: Update #0

We are ready to show our Story Preview of the game we will now be working on for the time being titled The Mountain. As this is just a preview, a lot of the information about the state of the world etc. is not included. This game will be a 1st Person Horror Game in style with Amnesia: The Dark Descent. So get chilled!

We will of course post updates as time goes by and development happens. We are sorry that the first game we had in mind could not be made at this point in time, but fret not. We have not forgotten it. This is just a minor setback!
Please read and enjoy:

The year is 1948 and the first world war had just ended. Many nations of this world were fighting over coal reserves and had to find more quickly, as it seemed that the current deposits were depleting fast. Some nations worked together in secret to find coal reserves without permission, and in 1952 this succeeded in the Himalayas. An Excavation started here and both coal and surprisingly diamonds were found here. But also strange looking crystals. These were sent back to the nations HQ for analysis.

The excavation had been going well for quite a few years until 1964, where reports of miners disappearing started ringing in. The head-overseers of the place decided to cover it up and blame it on cave-ins deep in the caves. But more and more people started disappearing higher and higher up in the caves and it came to a point where it couldn’t be blamed on cave-ins any more. The force of 350 men and women fell to 23 over the course of 6 years and they barred up the place and hoped no one would ever come back to it. The place was never spoken of since, and the rest of the world was none the wiser.

You, Thomas Kent, unaware of these past events, are mountain climbing in those same mountains years later. You stumble through a thin layer of the mountain and an underground river takes you deep into the caves. With no idea of how to get out or what lies ahead, you are now trapped in a deep underground mine.

But remember…the miners disappeared for a reason.

I hope this peaked your interest.

A Different Approach

It saddens me to say, that we discontinue the development for Code Name: E for the time being.

Code Name: E won’t die. Just not be made at this point in time. Given the current level of experience the team have overall, we decided that it would be better to try and do a game that’s more simple in nature.

We have decided on what it should be, but are currently deciding on the details.
It’s an FPS horror game. Look forward to it!

– Vipar

Goodbye Adam

We have lost Adam today because he needs to focus on a monthly paid position instead he was offered.

This saddens us greatly, as it’s one of the worst times possible to lose such a key member. We wish him all the best.

This means we desperately need a new Programmer!

– Vipar

We need a Voice Actor!

If you know any guys who can do voice acting and would be interested to do it for a game, please redirect them to this link:

It’ s pretty urgent!

– Vipar

Code Name E: Update #3

Just a small update post here.

The Protagonist model have been created, and is in the process of being rigged, textured and animated. Not necessarily in that order!

We have also planned out some levels, dialogue and the likes.

We still aim for a Proof of Concept demo in March!

– Vipar